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Fishers in Leith

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Fishers in Leith

Fishers in Leith

The Visitor announced “fish” when asked what she wanted to eat on Sunday night (3rd February).

In Scotland that just opens up a huge variety of possibilities. In the end, I decided Fishers in Leith would be a good plan - being away from the city centre helps with parking, traffic and getting a table.

After a bit of light sightseeing we got a “walk in” table at just after 5pm. Nice, but I would not recommend taking a chance like that!

Sightseeing - Ramsay Garden

Sightseeing - Ramsay Garden

It turned out to be an inspired choice. Wonderful food and service plus a friendly atmosphere.

We both had classic mussels as main courses (they do small portions for starters) and the bowls were huge. The mussels were amazing. I had queen scallops as a starter and She had squid - both fantastic as well.

We were not able to manage desserts - tells its own story - so with coffee, a glass of wine, and 10% tip the bill came in at £71.

The mussels were a cheap option, to be honest, at £14. You could pay £26 for some of the fish on offer, but I suspect it would be worth it.

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Bridgeview Station

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I have driven past Bridgeview Station in Dundee so many time - it is on the route from my home to Dundee Ice Arena - and every time I thought I should give it a try.

Finally I made it last weekend. I was meeting one of my cousins to discuss a family problem, and as she lives near Aberdeen, Dundee was the obvious choice of where to get together. Then it was a case of choosing somewhere convenient for lunch.

Bridgeview Station seemed right as far as location is concerned. It turned out to be a good choice. The food and service were excellent. The place is very pleasant and you have a wonderful outlook over the Firth of Tay. It was a lovely July day, so after lunch we were able to sit out on the terrace for a while.



I had a steak sandwich - made with ciabatta - and French fries. Mhairi had haddock and French fries. Then we had coffees afterwards. She was happy with her choice, as was I. She paid, but from memory my main course was £10.

I’ll be back.

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Mosque Kitchen

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The Mosque Kitchen has become something of an Edinburgh institution.

It's located on Nicholson Street, and is an easy walk from the Royal Mile. The National Museum of Scotland is close by too (as is the Mosque...). The food is basic and so are the prices. You don't get table service. You order at the counter from what you see in front of you, and then take it to your table.

The last time I was there (March '18) I had a massive plate of chicken curry with rice, plus a can of San Pellegrino, and it was £12. Vegetarian dishes are cheaper. Surprisingly enough, you won't get any alcohol. If you are desparate, the area has lots of pubs nearby.

The restaurant is very close to Edinburgh University and so it can be busy at mealtimes during university terms. Another wee alert - you will find another "Mosque Kitchen" in the courtyard of the Mosque itself. I don't know waht the relationship is between the two, and I've never tried the other one.

My last meal there was at 4pm on a cold, wet Saturday, on my way to spending 90 minutes sitting outside at a rugby game. Perfect central heating.

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